What Are The Steps And Trick To A Successful FBA?

Steps A Successful FBA Shipping

As you already know that FBA is a special feature that is offered by Amazon in which they will get you the product that you want from anywhere in the world and will also get that product for you at a cheap price as well.

They will also make sure that you get the best quality of product and they will only dispatch the product after they have made sure that it works perfectly and is in good condition after shipping and transportation.

Here are the steps to ship Amazon freight from China to the USA

Here are the steps to ship Amazon freight from China to the USA

  • Choose your route of shipping
    Amazon gives you the option to choose that option that you want it can either be that you trust a local Chinese mail to get your order shipped from there to US fulfilment center or you can choose the option where you let Amazon do all the work and bring the product that you ordered directly to your doorstep.
  • Decide the shipping mode
    There are mainly three ways which you can choose to ship your product it will either be express shipping, air freight or ocean freight.
    You can use any of these three options to your liking and will also be told about the charges and the time in which your package will be delivered to you.
  • Establish international trade
    Whenever you ship any item from another country, then you will have to take special orders as well as permission from both the countries government that is from the Chinese government as well as the US government.
    You also should have to make sure that the supplier in China is trusted and has proper documentation of international trade or you and the supplier both might get into legal trouble and do some time in jail.
  • Look out for freight quotes
    Whenever you are shipping from any country, you have to do some research and compare all the different local as well as the brand company that will help you in shipping your product and then compare their price as well as their quality of method used to do so.
  • Know your HS code
    It is important that you know your product’s HS code so that you can use it in the portal of the international trade to check out the condition and also the location of where your product has reached and will also tell whether your product is safely packed and shipped.
  • Import custom clearance
    When your product arrives on US soil, then you have to be ready with the money to pay for the customs clearance as you have brought a product from outside the US inside the country, so you have to pay some charges for the storage as well as the transport of the product.
  • Domestic transport in the US
    After the product has reached the US and cleared by the customs department, then you can successfully arrange transport for your product to make it reach your business.
  • Preparation of FBA
    You will then have to check the quality and condition of the product then you have to log in to Amazon using your seller account and then have to upload the picture as well as the description and price of the product so that Amazon can start selling your product on their website.

Tips to a successful shipping

tips to a successful shipping

Choose direct or indirect shipping

You choose direct shipping in which the product will directly be shipped to the address of the FBA Centre in the US, and if you choose the option of indirect shipping, then the package will be shipped to the address that you choose.

Choose the method of shipping

There are three methods which are namely express shipping, ocean freight and air freight.

  • Express shipping
    You can choose this option of shipping when your package weighs less than 50kg and the priority of that package is very high, and you want it to reach you almost immediately.
  • Ocean freight
    You can use this type of method when you don’t have the important of time on the package, but you want it to fit in the budget that you have kept for shipping it.
  • Air freight
    You can select this option if you have a huge budget, you want the package delivered fast to you if the package weighs less than 100kg and you want to take the whole charge of the import and export customs clearance.

I hope you get some valuable information from this article.

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