Different methods to ship freight from China to the USA

There are many ways in which you can ship your freight from China to the USA. In this article, we will tell you all the ways from the most expensive to the cheapest way to use to ship your freight from China to the USA by just using some of your money.

Shipping your package to FBA can be a difficult job to do, and sometimes the experienced people also get confused about the option which they have to choose to get their freight from China to the USA safely.

Shipping to Amazon FBA requires three things firstly, you need to have an Amazon seller central account, your products should be packed and ready to ship, and the last one is that your shipping schedule shall be set up by Amazon FBA.

Different methods to ship freight are

Air express: manufacturer to Amazon FBA (quickest shipping method):

This is the quickest method as your package goes directly from the air to the Amazon FBA center in the USA, and it is dependent on three factors: 

  • FBA fees
  • Supplier and freight forwarder relation
  • Volume and mass of the package

This approach curtails all the interference of the middleman, so it is very agile as your package is already packed and loaded in the cargo plane that is going straight to the USA, and there your package will be unloaded and then sent to the Amazon fulfillment center.

The lower cost of pay Amazon to ship all the items in one location fixes that are approximately 0.30$ per unit.

You can also arrange for someone checking your package at China airport so make sure that your goods are not damaged and your time is saved and also time is money.


Air shipping: manufacturer to home (safest shipping method):

The popular way that Amazon sellers use is that they import all their goods and then sell them at a lower price than usual, which gives them some margin of profit to earn.

By using this method, you get the advantage of faster air shipping, and by doing this, you also get an extra layer of security in which you can personally check the boxes and also the products stored in them.

Cost is higher as this package has come to your home from air shipping and also you have the upper hand of checking the quality of the product that you are selling, and then you can store it and then carefully label it and arrange for either pickup or directly arrange for drop off of the package.

Air shipping: manufacturer to prep center (most expensive method):

The common question that many people ask is, what is the safest and the quickest way to get your package to an FBA center in the USA?

The answer is that you can use the air shipping method, which is the fastest way to ship a package, but the only difficulty is the price of shipping.

The major downside of using FBA center is that their charge is high for inspection and then packing the goods properly as they have a high price for mainly two reasons.

  • Labor rates in the USA are high than compared to other countries.
  • Due to its popularity inspection center charges price according to the market value.

An FBA center is equipped with all the latest and also the specialized gear for preparing and also packing your products to fulfill the requirements of Amazon warehouse storing.

Sea shipping: manufacturer to Amazon FBA (cheapest shipping method):

Shipping anything from China to the USA is the slowest method, and it takes time to do so, but this is the cheapest as well as the affordable way which you can use to ship your package from China to the USA.

The benefits of sea shipping are.

  • Sea shipment is cheaper, and sir shipment is costlier as it charges 5 to 11$ per kilogram.
  • This will only add a few dollars to the unit cost of your shipment.
  • This will not require any middleman in between.
  • There is a low price for factory inspection.

Sea shipping: manufacturer to distribution warehouse (most efficient shipping method):

This is a life hack as distribution centers don’t charge a cost for checking the package but charge a cost for storing and then preparing the package for sale.

What does the distribution center handle?

  • It handles freight forwarding.
  • It handles all the duties as well as the customs.
  • It helps you to palletize the package when it is less the container load (LCL).

I hope you get some valuable information from this article.

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